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Its time to say again Welcome back! The River flow is back again and hope to post more time and again stay in touch!


The River Flows

River Flows!
As the lives go on so does River Flows!
Main stream flows as the River Flows!
Life Moves on!
Nadinam Saagaro Gachhasi!

Bullock Cart-River Walk-Singapore

A very good scene on the River side near Raffles Singapore!
Memoirs of old time reflections sketched beautifully.

Beautiful Singapore

Pulau Ubin- A Village in the City

A View of Pulau Ubin- No further words describe Nature!- Its a Village in the Great Garden City of Singapore.

A mid afternoon at KL

We see many known photos of prominent places again and again. When we see different type of photos of known places we get that feeling of oh I know this place where is it? Yes this is one place like that taken in KL during KL Malaysia visit.


Rome Was Not Built in One Day

A rare photo of West Coast Park

Singapore Flyer A Bird's View

No More Words Required!
Yes its Singapore Flyer!
The very much famed Flyer the New Tourism Icon of the Island City!
View and Enjoy!
Beautiful Singapore Team

Eat As Much As You Can

Any Takers for Eat As Much As you Can?
Are you Food Lover?

Vivo City New Faces

After a quite while visiting Vivo City gives a different scenerio.
Vivo city has a new landscape at Level 3. Its now a Beach at level 3. You find children playing at Beach at Level 3. Its wonderfully made and decorated with Christmas Tree as well.

The mvdulos ship is back again at Vivo City this year for XMas and its full with books again for sale.

Life goes on during XMas time with activity, Children having holidays to enjoy and moves on for the New Year 2009!

Beautiful Singapore Team

A view of Church in Victoria Street Singapore

An excellent evening view of Church at Victoria Street Singapore! Its taken from NLB Side ! The Victoria street although is busy street the Greenary on the Street gives the drive in people a good shade! The splendour of the street is enhanced by this historical monument!

Beautiful Singapore

An Afternoon at Raffles Place Singapore

Raffles Place in Singapore is in Central Business District. Its a buzzing place during week days! When you see the place in the morning around 8.30 am its like a haven of activities place- cars zooming in, zooming out, People hurriedly rushing to office, courier persons scouting around to distribute courier, flyers getting distributed for business expansion! And Lo ! Past 9 am it will look as if nothing happening there for all the people are busy in work. Around Lunch time again flock of people start for Lunch and again its abuzz there. This snap is around one of those afternoons - People taking a stroll, sitting there to relax a while before proceeding for their work.
Its also here a lot of promotion campain happens. Many festival seasons unfurl here. Quite popular being mid-autumn festival currently going on. Also many of the Car companies display their high & beautiful cars here for marketing!
Its a place to see and and enjoy the Beauty of Singapore!!
Beautiful Singapore Team

Learning Options Trading -a Session with Ron

ADAM KHOO Learning Technologies Group, Singapore,a leading Education & Training Company frequently conducts educative introductory seminars on various subjects like Forex Trading, Futures, Options trading and tries enabling individual investors with capacities to understand these subjects through their various training programs.
One such introductory session was held last week by Options University Ron Ianieri and Bill Johnson both exceptional speakers on the subject. The session was started off with Bill explaining in lucid terms on Options Basics followed by the 'Bull' speaker Ron- giving powerful insights into the various aspects of Options and options strategies. Both speakers had effectively given their presentations on the subject of options. They also have three day programs in November 2007 which are priced and the people who attended the introductory seminar are offered these courses should they will to opt for.
Some basics covered by Bill & Ron:
Why options?:
Cost efficiency,Limited Loss,Better ROI,Safe alternative to shorting stock etc.
Bill explained in simple terms what a call or put option is giving analogy of Put option equating with Car Insurance which is easy to understand! An option gives the right to buy/sell a given stock/share at a fixed price over a given period of time! He also spoke of Intrinsic value,time value of money and called it 'Moneyness'! Simple to remember formula - Premium = Intrinsic vaue+ Time value. In options what is important ? Its finding opportunities and applying strategies!
And then came the Tornedo - Bull Speaker Ron explaining about himself and giving an excellent talk on finding opportunities and applying strategies in options trading,talking about synthetic options, talking on "Stock Replacement Strategy" /Stock Replacement Rollup. The way he explained the concept was really touchy. His way of speaking also call a spade a spade! He is Rollup Ron! He also spoke on A-B-C Chart Pattern, Price/Volume Divergence and Fibonnacci numbers 0.375 0.6158! By the way Ron started his career as Floor Trader as he said and literally he swept the audience with his insights on the subject of options trading!

ZAK Salaam India Expo 2007 Singapore

Its India in Singapore!
The ZAK Salaam India Expo 2007 starting 15Th August 2007 till 19Th August 2007 happened at Singapore.
Its a co-ordinated efforts from various forums/business houses/govt agencies which has resulted in this expo 2007.

The last year 2006 expo of India Singapore was comparatively a smaller event compared to this ZAK Salaam India Expo 2007.

Very Well crafted Stall of MOFPI

The different wings of the Indian organizations although co-ordinated well for this expo as a freelance observer we have observed certain areas where niceties which may well improve these sort of shows of India Expo.

As it goes this is the expo which show cases the India the very main thing which is missing in the expo organizers or the shops is the Smile on their lips! Great Business houses. Less of Smiles. Or is it the Grim faces should represent India? No idea. So its a good idea the expo stall exhibitors are trained in Smile Exercises! When you enquire a curt and terse reply is the outcome! Not that all are like that ! But being an expo and having seen various expos in this Singapore a Broad Smile and a easy and expandable gentleness can go a long way in the expo of India success.

The lanes between the shops are narrow thus having crumpled walking place for the visitors. Hope the lanes can be widened better.

Singapore is known for price tags display clearly and discounts or buy two get one free slogans in the market place. Any small market you go can you can find this extensively and unfortunately the EXPO OF INDIA lacks this squarely!! A very few shops that show the price tags! And most of them lack the techniques. Hope these expo owners take trip to downtown markets and see the way the markets work. To us a market and an expo does not have a large difference. Each one showcases its talent. Hope the India Expo can expect to learn better.

Crowd Puller- Eatery Stalls As usual

As usual any expo you go which are the places mostly crowded ? Its Eatery stalls. And India Expo is no exception. Well aligned Eatery malls have stolen the show with variety of India food and it appears they are the people who would have fared in the income generation there the best! (Is it correct organizers?)

Ramakrishna Mission Stall Pulls great crowd with its lovely children Books and Books on Yoga, Spirituality and Swami Vivekananda

The Govt bodies shops are lacklustre shops with no enthusiasm or attractions. Hope they can improve.
Singapore is a Tourism country! And to Singapore itself Tamil Nadu Tourism allures with a wide stall of TamilNadu Tourism!

So Salaam India 2007! Well Done organizers ! Have them organized in better and better way as the years go!!

Beautiful Tanjore Drops! Well crafted art pieces at Singapore India Expo 2007!

Beautiful Singapore team

42nd National Day of the City of Possibilities!

Singapore Celebrated its 42ND National Day on 9Th August 2007!

It was a great view on the evening of 9Th August 2007 watching the Singapore National Day Programmes!

The colourful evening was marked with sound and light programs, cultural programs, national day songs and it was a delight to the eyes of the beholder.

The evening/night sky turned umpteen colours during the programme.

It was a enthralling view of the great leaders of nation in white clothes against the backdrop of red the national colour marking all over the celebrations!

Wishing all the readers good times ahead in this new and City of Possibilities !

Beautiful Singapore Team

A respite of Rain-Rainy Days Singapore

It has been quite some time we blogged about.

So welcome back!

Its now Rainy Singapore! For the past few days its raining heavily with thunderstorms and lightning. Even the Today paper came out with a paper of Lightning across Marina on a cloudy evening sky!

Splendours of Islanders life are many! Amongst them the clouds,drizzle,rain,showers,thunder,lightning what not all these add up to give a great charm to the Beautiful Singapore!

Have wonderful Rainy Day!

Beautiful Singapore Team

Fuk Tak Chi Special

Fuk Tak Chi is one of the oldest Temples of Singapore. It was started in year 1824 by a small community of Hakka and Cantonese immigrants. The temple is built in the formal style of China's old magistrate courts.

Fuk Tak Chi Museum has also the credit of being Singapore's first Street Museum.
It holds about 200 artefacts like intricate Peranakan jewellery, a charcoal iron and an opium smoker's lamp, mostly contributed by former residents of China Town!
Fuk Tak Chi is is the beautiful Singapore's Telok Ayer Street' Gem of a Museum and its also the vital part of Telok Ayer Street.

Here you find in the Fuk Tak Chi Museum a beautiful Cha Zhi Lin Monk describing the essentials of Tea making. Its the most loved statue made of wax we liked very much in Singapore! You can see here different expression of this Wax Tea Monk Replica in different times taken photos with different moods coming live before our lives.

How was Singapore in 1800s ? It was like this. The Telok Ayer street being once upon a time just adjacent to the coast you can find here the ship docking and porters working. A small replica of time memorial at this Fuk Tak Chi Museum.

Another snap of those grand old days ! Ahoy its Singapore in 1800s!

Its time up the Ship is on Sail ! A great view of the Ship at the Fuk Tak Chi Museum
The above photos of the Monk who taught how to make that "Cha" is the rarest Wax piece of Singapore ? Cha Zhi Lin (茶芝林) teahouse housed in this Museum till a few days back!
View Enjoy Fuk Tak Chi (福德祠)
Beautiful Singapore Team

Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2007

Photo Courtesy: Shan

Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2007 Gala Opening today at Esplanade! Its the great evening with cloudy sky of Singapore witnessing breath-taking performance of Drums by the Taiwanese Troupe sharp at 7.15 Pm starting the lovely performance of the Drumming!

It was an invigorating and colourful evening with weather adding its pleasant beauty to the Singapore Esplanade!

May the Chinese Festival of Arts 2007 be a grand success for Singapore Artscape!

Watch out for more on this Festive Season from Beautiful Singapore! More to come!

Sentosa Special Chinese New Year Eve

Its Sentosa Special Time! Sentosa Flowers 2007 from 18-25 Feb 9am to 7 pm at Imbiah Lookout. Its time for Family Celebration Blooms! How to Reach? Board the Sentosa Express from Vivo City Third Floor at Sentosa Mono Rail Station to reach the Rhymes Flower Show at Palavan Beach Station ! A Cool and 'cativating' rail journey from Singapore to Sentosa! Ahoy!

A racing Boat and a Sunset Behind ! A snap from the Monorail of Sentosa Express!

Ships anchored at Harbour Front! Snap from the Monorail of Sentosa Express!

The Sentosa Express in Green,Yellow and Purple Cool Colours! Its really a Great and Cool Journey from Vivo City 3rd Floor Sentosa Station to Palavan Beach Station by this Monorail! A special add on for the Colourful and Beautiful Singapore!
Sentosa Beach Clouded Sky!

The Rhymes Flower Show ! View from Palavan Beach Station!

Harbour Front View from Sentosa Express Monorail!
View And Enjoy
Beautiful Singapore Team

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2007!

Walking down the Streets of Town
On the Chinese New Year Day
People greeting each other
Happy Lunar New Year
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Ya
Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni

Beautiful Singapore Team Wishes all its Readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar Chinese New Year!

China Town Point Lion Dance Singapore

Bend it Like Little Girls of China Town Point- Its a Marvellous performance at Lion Dance Eve At China Town!

One atop other Mellifluous Show on the Eve!

Little Chinese Girls excellent performance a rare view

Obedient Lion to its master

Two Lions and atop the master
An Evening at China Town Chinese Lunar New Year Festival Time
Above you find a few snaps of Lion dance and excellent kids performance at China Town Point on Saturday 10th February 2007! Wonder of Wonders the performance is just half an hour but it captivates the audience to their holding breadth and ending with great non-stop applause to the performers.
View And Enjoy
Beautiful Singapore Team

BlogTv.sg Flying Dutchman Love Blogging

Flying Dutchman Cupid and BlogTv.sg team shooting snippets for their Valentine Day's Programme at Raffles Place the happening place of Central Business District Singapore

Raffles Place buzzing with activity amidst Flying Dutchman interviews for Valentines Day ?
Photo Courtesy : GBGO
When blogging becomes more active and goes the Singapore Streets what will happen ? When the TV Channels give a big warm time capsules for Bloggers what will happen?
That's precisely happening in the above snaps at Raffles Place! The popular BlogTv.sg and the more popular Flying Dutchman with his crew taking interviews of the locale for the upcoming Valentine's Day programme attracting great gathering during lunch time!
When the sun shines up there bright during afternoon, the Flying Dutchman and his team of Cupid and the rest shine forth in giggles of laughter, praise and applause from the Raffles Place genre!
Beautiful Singapore Team captured the above moments - So Love Blogging!
View And Enjoy

Tour plans for your Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays

A few of my friends have asked me what are the best suited travel plans with nbr of days one need to cover them from Singapore that would be aptly befitting the busy schedule of Singaporeans !

Here I give below a list of places where one can plan a vacation during this Chinese Lunar Year holidays with proper planning.

1. Bangkok 3 to 5 days- may be you can combine Pattaya as well in this.
2.Bintan Travel by Ferry can be covered in 2 days.
3. Phuket a 5 day tour on full board ship would be a great idea.
4. Genting a two day trip would be great !
5. Batam a one day trip would be befitting one.
6.Macau,Hongkong, ZhuHai with 5 days trip you can cover the tour in good time.
7. Bali ( Heard about that movie Road to Bali ?) a 5 day tour would be bang bang Bali tour.
8. Who does not know Aroma city ? Hongkong a 4 day trip with one exclusive day trip to DisneyLand a superb travel idea.
9. Taiwan is a beautiful destination for Hot spring and Night market. A 4 day or 7 day trip would be ideal for this place.
10. Beijing with Bangkok combo a favourite destination for 5 days or 7 days tour plan.
11. Shanghai Nights. Yes 5 day trip ideal for Shanghai and Suzhou inclusive.
So Relax Lah !

Beautiful Singapore Team

Tracking Gotheborg Chennai at Marina

As said earlier the Beautiful Singapore finally tracked the Gotheborg!

Gotheborg the Swedish ship of 18th Century remake arrived at Chennai on Tuesday 30th January 2007!

Unlike the proximity at which the ship could be viewed from the Harbour Front in Singapore, currently Gotheborg is anchored some 1/2 km from the beach of Chennai.

The Swedish ship Gotheborg was welcomed by Swedish Embassy with lighting of crackers at the Marina to the amusement of the Beach goers who were taken by surprise when the ship was seen at Bay of Bengal!

It was a delight of course see such a massive old fashioned ship in the current era!

However as observed neither the media nor the business community of Madras utilized the opportunity to enhance their business opportunities in comparison to the way the event was highlighted in Singapore media and business circles and the innovative inspiration in which vivo city or Harbour Front promoted the event attracting great gathering thereby increasing their great business as well.

Its expected to be there at Chennai for about 10 days. Surprisingly there was no news of Cine Actress Revathi abode the ship news appearing in the India Media diaspora !

The tamil paper of Singapore Thamiz Murasu has come out with an article from Revathi last week here in Singapore - Experience abode Gotheborg!

You may read further in The Hindu for more on Gotheborg from Chennai


Beautiful Singapore Team

Thaipusam Singapore Special

The Lord Subrahmanya on 'Nagara Sandarsanam' Raffles Place Singapore

Mayilmel Murugan on Chariot at Republic Plaza Singapore
(Raffles Place 'il Kumaranukku Kondaattam!)

Thaipusam festival in honour of Lord Muruga(also called Lord Subrahmanya) is a day of purification & penance. On this day- which falls on the star Pusam day in the month of January/february-the Thai Month as per Tamil calendar starts around 13th/14th of Jan and Pusam is the star of the day in the Thai month in Lunar Calendar-devotees make offerings of thanks to the Lord Muruga.

The festival is celebrated in gaiety, more popular in Malaysia and Singapore as the tradition originates in the southern India and associated mostly with tamil culture and tradition. Here you find a few photos of Lord Muruga on Nagara Sandarsanam taken during this year in Raffles Place near Republic Plaza Singapore.
Its a commendable point to note that the India based Banks- Indian Bank and UCO Bank, located in Bharat Building, Raffles place have a customary practice of distributing sweets/snacks to the devotees who visit the Raffles Place during this time to see the Lord Subramanya on 'Therotsavam'!

View And Enjoy
Beautiful Singapore Team

Village Delight Singapore

Buffalos at Singapore Village !
Village is not really village but yet Village !

The beautiful and abundantly bountiful Village restaurant in Singapore is a great place for Luncheon,Dinner. Its really a cosy ambience with bountiful food really a variety of feast time food.
In a recent visit to Village in Singapore the Beautiful Singapore Team captured the attention of the village in the above photo.
Its Shifu Mee Tong Village Delight!
Here you also find another great photo of colourful buffalos a symbol of Village restaurant.
When find time take a visit you may be enthralled for the cosy ambience!
Beautiful Singapore Team

Tanglin Mall Tanglin Road Singapore

An Evening at Tanglin Mall Tanglin Road Singapore
Some times to ennoble the Beauty No Words required
Beauty speaks for itself
View And Enjoy
Beautiful Singapore Team

For Ever Vivo City

For Ever 21 Now dazzling at Vivo City

View And Enjoy

Farewell To Gotherborg @ Vivo City Singapore

So, Bye Bye Gotheborg - Trevlig resa ! to your next Port of Call Shennai !

Singapore bid farewell to Gotheborg today amidst cloudy sky and rainy day ! The sojourn of Gotheborg since December 30th 2006 to 14th Jan 2007 ends with great memoirs for the Singaporeans about the past,present and future of island's relationship with Sweden. The Gotheborg Ship of Trade and Friendship is travelling to Shenai (wonder whats that ? Its Chennai - Madras Port of India). It will take about 18 days for Gotheborg to reach its next Port of Call Chennai !

A not so secret information - the Tamil cine icon actress Revathi is abode the ship as Crew member travelling upto Chennai ! Chennai people will be surprised on its day of arrival at Madras Port when they see her !

So bye bye now Gotheborg ! Bon voyage !

Beautiful Singapore Team

சில்லுன்னு ஒரு Singapore !

Rains atop Buddha in Meditation
Its cloody afternoon and rainy any moment

Its about to pour Serangoon Road

During the past weeks it has been raining in Singapore Cats & Dogs so to say literally heavy rains indeed ! Its time to capture the clods before the rains are to pour down any moment now ! And the rains have started slashing the temperaturs down and so its windy and cold Singapore now !

Beautiful Singapore Team

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